A1 Food Products – a leading manufacture and supplier of fresh and frozen puff pastry and samosa pastry.

At A1 Food Products we combine traditional bakery methods along with the latest technology to manufacture consistent and quality products. We supply puff pastry and samosa pastry to a number leading specialist manufacturers, bakeries and caterers.

Providing attention to detail coupled with our flexible approach allows our customers to maximise from our experience to fully meet their requirements. Working closely with all our customers we ensure that their requirements are fully met. Our vast experience and knowledge of the market we serve enables us to operate and manufacture to the satisfaction of our customers. Our focus is clearly aimed at working with our customers to maximise mutual benefits. For more details on our Puff Pastry and Samosa Pastry Contact Us.

Allow us the privilege to supply you with products that are made to highest specification with quality ingredients.


From great customer service to excellent and prompt delivery you can always count on them..

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Our Products

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    Puff Pastry

    A1 Food Products has developed a range of delightful light Puff Pastry for manufacturers, bakeries and caterers. Read More »

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    Samosa Pastry

    A1 Food Products we are able to manufacture Samosa pastry to match your exactspecifications. Read More »

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    Ready to Bake

    Currently works closely with a number of bakeries, caterers and large manufacturers fulfilling their bespoke pastry. Read More »