A1 Puff Pastry – Pasty Recipe

  • A1 Puff Pastry - Pasty Recipe
Prep Time Cook Time
20minutes 45minutes



  1. Remove the pastry from its packaging, separate each sheet and place the separated A1 puff pastry sheets on a tray. Ensure that you have dusted the tray with flour to avoid the puff pastry sticking to the tray. Allow approximately 5mins for the puff pastry to thaw1_1_step
  2. Once your puff pastry has thawed, brushed the edges of the A1 puff pastry with some water.1_2_step
  3. The next stage is to use the prepared filling to fill the A1 puff pastry. You will require around 1 tablespoon of filling mixture per pasty.1_3_step
  4. Fold over the A1 puff pastry to make a rectangle.1_4_step
  5. Using the base of a fork crimp the A1 puff pastry to the two folded side are stuck together.1_5_step
  6. The fully prepared pasty will appear as displayed by the following image. Egg wash the outside of the pasty and place in oven to bake for 15 minutes Place the pasty on a baking tray place in an preheated oven to 200ºC (180ºC for fan assisted ovens)/ Gas M 71_6_step
  7. The fully cooked pasty should be appearing as displayed. Enjoy!1_7_step