It’s simple: Consistent quality with the Puff Pastry Squares and Rolls, a real winner with our customers
The 4” Squares Puff Pastry and the 1kg Ready Roll Puff Pastry is one of our best sellers in the frozen food section. Customer feedback and sales indicates the quality of these products
Fazilas have been working with A1 Food Products since 2001; we are very pleased with the quality of their Puff Pastry and Samosa pastry. All their products are consistent in quality and taste. We are proud to be working with you
From great customer service to excellent and prompt delivery you can always count on them. A1 Food Products have been supplying into VBites Foods Ltd since 2012. They manufacture great pastry bases/discs that compliment and enhance our range
Great tasting and consistent in the quality of the Puff Pastry  
At Jasats we are passionate about the quality and taste of our products; we are equally as passionate about our supply chain. A1 Food Products provides us the quality Puff Pasty that we require along with the customer service we require
Munshis Halal is very pleased with the quality and service provided by A1 Food Products. The Samosa pastry is very good in taste, consistency and fries very well